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From the Mississippi or “Father of Waters” to “Mother Ganges” (Ganga Mata), the importance of water to life itself is international and universal, yet often abused, especially when it simply takes a turn of a tap.


Billy X. Curmano is known for extreme projects in the environment like a desert fast, arctic journey and 2,367.4-mile Mississippi River Swim as performance and environmental statement. Each morning before the Swim got underway, he performed a ritual that with variations became his Cleansing Ceremony. It has even been performed after a Pipe Ceremony and with the approval of elders from the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Northern Minnesota.

Now, he carries the spirit of the Great River – a vial of water collected from its source on the swim’s first day - to join with New York waters in a “Cleansing Ceremony” for Art in Odd Places 2017: SENSE.


*Mni Wiconi; Water is Life.



("Water is Life" has become the rallying cry for the Water Protectors of the Standing Rock Sioux)


“It’s not the blood, but our deeds that make us human.” – Archived Billy



High Noon: Expeditionary Art Adventure Team collects water from the Hudson River near 14th Street. (Access Hudson River Park via West Street at Horatio.)

Keynote performance ritual and

ocean harp serenade Highline &

14th Street (Rain date: Sunday)




Expeditionary Art Adventure Team performs 14th Street between 1-4 pm

Art in Odd Places 2017: SENSE is curated by Jodi Waynberg, Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful, Rocío Aranda. And curatorial manager, Christina Daniels with curatorial assistants: Claire Gohorel, Katelyn Ahladas, Sofía Reeser del Río, Jing Cui, Kara Nandin, Paulina Kowalczyk, Zoé Fornara, Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle, Katrina De Wees, and Susan Joy Rippberger

Expeditionary Art Adventurers:

Billy X Curmano assisted by

Margarita Baumann, Bella Via,

Dr. David Christenson and John Pendergast


October 12-15 Art in Odd Places 2017: SENSE
The Performance Travels 14th Street, NYC

Billy X Curmano's “Expeditionary Art Adventure Team” launches October 12 about high noon near the Hudson River off 14th Street primarily traveling east on 14th Street on even dates and west on odd dates – between 1 and 4 pm - through October 15th. Weather permitting; the “Father of Waters” will join the New York waters via a keynote ritual and ocean harp serenade near the Highline and 14th Street on Sat. 4 pm (Rain date: Sun.)

AiOP Festival Artists


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Keynote Speaker: Billy X. Curmano






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